Encouraging Your Friend To Stop Their Drug Abuse

When some individuals fall into despair, they usually seek something to distract themselves. The distraction may come in many forms. These include finding new hobbies such as gym or sports. For others, it may be smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol. In extreme cases, they may be dependent on drugs. Some of these drugs relieve you from your worries, but they are still a dangerous substance. Most of those who have taken drugs end up addicted to it and fall even further into despair.

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If you have a friend suffering from this condition, it’s best to help them. However, it is difficult to determine if they are going through these tough times. The best way to know if they are going through something is to ask them. However, approaching them about this topic is difficult. Confronting them will only make things worse. Thus, it is best to gradually contact them and determine whether they are genuinely going through that phase.

Determining If They Are Abusing Drugs

There are noticeable signs as to whether someone close to you is abusing drugs or not. Below are some common signs that someone close to you may be abusing drugs.

Relationship Problems

When your friend is having difficulties with their relationships with their friends, family, or significant other, something must be wrong. A fight would always arise between them and the people around them. Those who abuse drugs also often isolate themselves from others.

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Neglecting Responsibilities

You will notice your friend start to shirk their responsibilities. Drug abuse becomes a considerable problem, especially if they have a family or if they are working. However, if you and your friend are still studying, this will affect their future.

Experiencing Legal Trouble

Your friend may become attracted to trouble. They may get arrested for disorderly conduct. In extreme cases, they may steal to sustain their drug habit.

Financial Difficulties

If your friend begins to borrow money for unknown reasons, they may be using it for drugs. You may also notice them incur massive amounts of debt during these times.

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Lack Of Interest In Activities

Back then, maybe you and your friend enjoyed some activities together, such as going to the movies, playing sports, or simply walking around.  If they have abandoned these activities, they may have prioritized their drug use.

Encouraging Them To Quit

Once you notice these signs arising and getting worse, it may be time to confront them. When you decide to do this, you must first look for a private place for both of you to talk. You need to start your conversation by letting you know how concerned you are about them.

Have a heart-to-heart talk to uncover the reason they started to abuse drugs. Yes, it will be challenging to stop immediately and wholly. However, you can help your loved one gradually recover. Assure your friend that you’ll be happy to help. Should it still be not enough, advise them to seek professional help. Ask them if they need your company when going to the doctor. It may be best to invest your time and effort in helping them out to save their future.