Healthy Routines That Every Family Must Have



Developing healthy routines as a family has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and increase one’s chances of living a long and happy life. Here are some ways on how to do just that as a team.


Prioritize The Marriage

Couples that prioritize their marriage first, including their children, have a healthy and loving relationship with each member of the family. You can share a glass of wine after dinner when the children are off to sleep. Or perhaps you can schedule a monthly date so you can spare a few hours away from your obligations – just some movie time or a cheap but lovely dinner for the two of you would strengthen your marriage – and your family. It’s been said that when the husband and wife are happy, everyone is happy.


Take A Break From Technology

Spend quality time with the whole family. And when I say ‘quality”, I mean time conversing with each other, sharing each other’s experiences, and feeling the love from each other. You don’t need electronic gadgets for all that. You can have a barbeque on weekends so the kids can stay up longer. If you and your spouse are having wine or beer, allow them to have soda and chips for once. Play cards or board games. Laugh out loud and make memories. These family bonding activities strengthen bonds that will last a lifetime.


Have Regular Family Cookouts

Cooking as a family is one of the most wonderful habits that you can create. First off, cooking is a process. The parents can do the more difficult task of cooking while the kids can join in preparing the ingredients. Let the eldest chop the vegetables, and the little one washes them before these get into the pan. Plan on cooking something that everybody will love to eat, like pasta or fried chicken. If they’re not at the right age to join the kitchen, then teach them to prepare the dinner table. Regular cookouts with family are a great learning experience that is healthy and fun as well.


Care For The Elderly

Taking care of a senior loved one is an enriching way to instill compassion, humility, and service to your children. You don’t necessarily have to put down everything to be able to do this, as a healthy family also needs to have boundaries with grandparents and elderly loved ones. Any family would be tremendously affected by an elderly moving into their home, so all members must decide wisely about this. Ultimately, parents must teach their children to respect, love, and care for their grandparents, not get rid of them.


Practice Gratitude

A family that lives with kindness and gratitude would always be thankful for everything that they receive and experience, even the unpleasant ones. All these will be taken as a form of lessons and blessings that will shape their futures for the better. Parents must teach their kids to appreciate whatever comes – big or small. Remind them about this every day. This sets up an environment of positivity and optimism that the whole family will benefit from.


Create A Safety Plan

Having a ready safety scheme in case of emergency or anything urgent must be a priority for parents. When making this, include your children in making decisions regarding where they should run to when there’s fire, what to do when someone bad tries to get inside their home, how they could call for help. Explain these things in an age-appropriate manner. You can talk about this in one of your casual conversations so as not to cause panic on your children. Planning safety schemes are important, so they must be done monthly if necessary. Other vital topics you can discuss are playing with fireworks, drinking and driving, and using illicit drugs.


Make Happiness A Priority

Being happy might not seem to be a health concern, but it is. Studies have proven that people who choose to be happy have less medical, mental, and emotional problems. Happy children do great in school. It is also important to emphasize the spiritual instead of the material roots of being happy. Also, happy people are relatively more friendly, forgiving, and thankful for what they have, mostly living with a purpose in their lives. When family members are happy, they most often develop healthy behaviors when it comes to exercise and diet.


Face Life’s Challenges Together

Communicating with each other is crucial in every family dynamic. When talking about anything is possible, all family members can share their good and bad experiences, their worries, and anxieties about life – and they manage them together. Doing relaxation practices as a family would be a great help too. Make time for a few minutes of meditation, yoga, or simply reading a story at bedtime with the children. Ask your children how they are and what they’re currently doing in school. As a spouse, ask your partner if he’s handling the office work well. Ask each other how each one is, and do what you can to help. Face life’s challenges as a family and make it one of your healthy routines.