Natural Ways To Avoid Acquiring Flu Virus

I decided to attend the 2017 Medical Symposium for the simple reason that its focal point is flu prevention. At the time, I heard in the news that CDC logged over 45 million cases of influenza here in the US. My friends thought that I was worrying for nothing, but my worries eventually got justified. After all, the flu season went on until 2018 and claimed the lives of no less than 61,000 individuals.


Did I ever catch the virus in those years? Not once—thanks to the techniques I learned during the summit. Since there is always a new virus that causes flu, you may also want to know the natural ways to avoid acquiring it.

Wipe A Public Property Before Using It
The folks who can’t leave the house without alcohol or Clorox wipes are called neat freaks by others. However, there is nothing wrong with their aversion to germs, bacteria, or viruses that may be sticking to bus seats, food chain tables, etc. You must wipe any public property before touching it at all to lessen the chances of acquiring diseases.

Don’t Touch Your Face When You’re Outside
Another thing that you should avoid is touching your face in public. No matter how clean you think you have made the toilet seat at Starbucks or the handle on the train, you can never be too confident about it. It is still best to wash your hands first before they go near your face.


Distance Yourself From Coughing People
Lastly, you need to stay away from coughing individuals. That is especially true if they are not wearing masks or at least covering their mouth. The reason is that saliva tends to come out in the process. You may not see the particles, but they can land on you and allow the virus to go under your skin.


I know that doing all these preventative measures can be bothersome, especially if you are in a hurry. However, it is better to do them than find yourself ill afterward.